Outbound Links Vs. Inbound Links: What role do they play in SEO?

While you are working towards the promotion of your business on an online platform, you must have come across the different types of links. The question here is –how can these links have an impact on the SEO ranking of a website and how it can impact the website’s authority as well. Also, why should you care so much about linking and why are links considered as necessary. In this article, we will try to address almost all your queries and tell you how the digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar makes use of outbound and inbound links to enhance the SEO strategy of a website.

Well, for starters, did you know that there are different types of links involved in SEO strategies? Out of which –inbound and outbound are quite popular. Although the two aforementioned types sound similar, they could be a little tricky for the beginners to deal with. And that is the reason we decided to compile this article, which will help you furnish out your basics. So let us get started!

Outbound Link:

Outbound links are those links, which are although present on your website; they are used to point out different sites with a unique domain but mainly dealing with a similar niche as that of your web page. These links are added to your newly formed web page to help define its niche and establish its authority in the search engine. According to the different studies conducted on the strategies of digital marketing, outbound links are correctly used to link your website with authoritative and relevant domains to impact your SEO ranking positively.

As the webmaster, you will have complete control for deciding the type of outbound links that you want to add to your website. These are basically of two types:

  • Dofollow: It is a typical type of outbound link, which passes on the link juice to the website it has been linked with.
  • Nofollow: The nofollow tag indicates to the search engine crawler/bot not to crawl over the linked website. That means the nofollow tag does not pass the linked juice to the web page it has been linked with.

Outbound links offer you the opportunity to establish a relationship with the bloggers in your niche. Also, when you add outbound links that are related to high authority websites in your niche, it will help increase the value of your website and, in return, improve the ranking of your site as well. The search engine will understand your niche in a better and faster way. Therefore, you are advised to link your websites with web pages that are well-searched for and are related to the content on your website to get higher ranking as well as better insight in the SERP.

News sites dominate the search engine.

What are some of the essential facts to consider while adding outbound links to your website?

1-Avoid the Link farm websites or link exchange directories:

Usually, beginners in the game of developing digital marketing strategies fail to address some of the crucial problems, which could destroy the reputation of their website. One such mistake is adding a reciprocal link to the link exchange directories. The digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar says in this way; you are giving out permission for the link directories to get linked to your website.

2-Only consider high-authority websites for adding the outbound links:

We are mentioning this point, again and again, to make you understand how important it is for your website to be linked to a web page of high-authority and with related content. As much a good website can improve your ranking, a lousy website can affect the ranking as much and even more. Make sure to check the authority of the domain and rank of the site, before you are giving out approval to any website for including their link in yours.

3-Link schemes are nothing but scams:

Keep away from all sorts of link schemes. Let us tell you that they can terribly affect your SEO. In fact, Google strongly advises ignoring such link schemes, where you can get a link back for your website in exchange for an outbound link.

Inbound Link:

Inbound Links are also referred to as backlinks, which suggests that the link to your website has been placed on another domain. Just as the outbound Links, even the inbound links play a vital role in determining the rank of your website on the Search Engine Result Page. The backlinks are considered to be one of the most influential factors, which help in deciding the position of your website on Google. With the help of an efficient digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar, you can improve the rank of your website on Google’s SERP.

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Typically, the backlinks or inbound links are considered as votes for your website. The more the backlinks, the more will be the number of votes considered for your website to prove its authenticity to Google crawler. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that –not all backlinks should be considered the same. As a matter of fact, if any low-quality inbound links are connected to your website, they can miserably hurt your website ranking. Contextual and quality backlinks are the key to determine perfect SEO strategies.

 How can inbound Links affect your SEO strategy?

Let us look at the different ways in which inbound links can improve your SEO strategies:

1-Improve your SERP ranking:

The search engines consider the inbound links or backlinks in the form of votes. Therefore, if your website receives backlinks from a high-authority and relevant web page, then that can dramatically improve the SERP rank of your website.

2-Improved credibility and website authority:

As the number of authenticated backlinks increases for your website, the search engines will automatically improve the credibility of your website, and even the domain authority shall be enhanced. This is ice on the cake, which you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

3-Process of indexing is faster:

The bot or crawler of a search engine can locate your web page quickly when you have a higher number of authentic inbound links.

4-Traffic increases:

When your website has a significant number of inbound links from top-notch websites, the chances of receiving potential audience increases, this is the ultimate goal of every webmaster.

How can your website get quality inbound links?

As we have already discussed, inbound links play an essential role in fetching high ranks for your website on SERP. Here, we have listed a few ways in which you can get quality inbound links for your website:

1-Upload content of high-quality:

Unique content upload on your website is always going to be the best way to increase readability and insight of your readers on your site. Well researched and well-curated content helps to attract the attention of the other bloggers to link with your website. And it will also help in developing a positive attitude of the other webmasters for your webpage.

2-Promotion over social media:

Well-research and exclusive content quality won’t suffice for getting the desired amount of inbound links for your website. Therefore, with the help of a digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar, work towards promoting your web page over social media platforms. This will also help the bloggers in your niche to flock towards your site and even find your content.

3-Infographics are important:

The creation of epic infographics can go a little hefty on your budget. But, if you have bigger plans for your website, then adding infographics to your web page is a must, if you ask for our suggestion. Then can do wonders in attracting potential bloggers to your site and help in generating high-quality links for your website.

Bottom Line:

In this article, we have discussed in detail about inbound and outbound links, while addressing the effect they can have on your website. We have also stated how they can affect and improve your SEO strategies. The factors that are needed to be considered while generating outbound links are quite essential, and that is what you do not want to overlook while adding a link to any other website on your web page. Also, the strategies used by a digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar for generating inbound links have been mentioned in the article. And so we hope that your questions have been well-answered.

Call to action:

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