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The digital marketing industry thrives on emotions while is being propelled by the growth of tools that leverage these human emotions. On the other hand, fierce competition and the development of dozens of marketing tools have helped the industry flourish all across the globe. This crystal ball prediction about the marketing trends in 2020 will explore such unusual trends that will make its way into the markets as per the foresight of the digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar.

Trend 1: Relying solely on Google Analytics Can Prove to be Dangerous

So let’s face it. We all love Google Analytics. We at The Technovate use it to track updates about all our clients, yet, we hate the very fact that for the most popular websites, the analytics fail to provide real-time insights.

Marketing these days are dynamic and need to be updated in real-time. This is the biggest flaw in Google Analytics.

Marketers need solutions that are real-time and hence the dynamics come into play. Considering it is a free tool, the work could be sufficed, yet, there exist new tools like Google Data Studio that stream data in real-time and help marketers get real-time updates.

Business intelligence has also emerged as a relevant team and hence should not be ignored at all costs. The blend of marketing and business intelligence helps the industry grow by leaps and bounds and hence is a huge hit all across the globe.

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Trend 2: Optimizing For Voice but Not Capitalizing on it?

The future is powered by voice. Voice is simply futuristic. Voice in intuitive.

We all have heard the statements. In fact, as per Com Score, over 50% of the searches in 2020 will be voice searches. Such is the power of technology.

However, despite the apprehending era, companies have still yet to develop tools or, as Amazon calls it, “skills” for the voice regime.

But the concern is not about the voice search. The critical aspect of the systems is that companies need to monetize their business from this. In fact, until now, most of the websites are not voice search optimized.

As per the experts in digital marketing in Bhubaneswar, it will take years to catapult the growth of the voice all across the nation, and then companies will start optimizing for it. Till then, the system will be functional in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities alone.

Trend 3: Is Email Marketing Still A Thing?

One of the oldest marketing tactics that still holds its grounds is email marketing. Every year we ask the same question – Is Email marketing still a thing?

Yes! Emails are here to stay and for a long time.

Even with the groups of world’s best marketers, the technique is slow yet promising growth. However, in 2020, marketers need to focus more on the communication channels. Email is one of them, but with the introduction of multiple online tools, the industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds.

One such technique is the use of Chatbots. AI-powered Chatbots are coming! And they will dominate the market for a considerable amount of time.

Using techniques that broadcast similar emotions on various platforms is the key, and some of the exceptional companies have been leveraging the same. Make sure to craft a similar experience for your audience as well.

On the other end, push notifications complement the Chatbots and hence should also be kept in mind to gain great results.

Trend 4: Moats will disappear except only for the Brands

During the medieval period, the emperors would dig around the castles and fill it with water to avoid enemies.

A lot many brands or startups follow this strategy uniquely to save their brand. However, in the digital age, building moats is not an option anymore. It is quite easy to copy your model and build something entirely on it.

However, what remains is the brand. People love Michael Jordan and hence buy his shoes. The same applies to popular digital marketers and other individual brands who understand in the industry inside out.

This is the exact reason why companies have been spending billions of dollars on influencer marketing.

On the other hand, companies who have already built a brand have now been leveraging their brand name and are earning billions all across the globe.

Trend 5: Marketing Will Be an Even Playing Field

Over the years, marketing has changed exponentially. Companies have been automating their existing solutions and providing a simpler approach for better conversions.

On the other hand, as the marketing field gets better, the rise in automation is imminent. Creative companies like the Neil Patel Agency have been offering solutions that start as low as 300 rupees!

This figure is rounded up around $4-$5 dollars for a month and hence cannot be ignored at all costs. As per the digital marketing agency in Bhubaneswar, the changing landscape will be able to provide tools in every other hand, while marketing will still stick to limited, creative heads with a high dosage of creativity.

Trend 6: The End of Silver Bullets

A lot many companies in the past have has used a single strategy to propel growth all across the globe.

Dropbox earned its positions through referrals and made a huge hit all across the globe.

On the other hand, the social media giant, Facebook, relied on emails to propel growth across the globe.

The anecdotes are endless and hence could not be ignored at all costs. However, with the increasing population of marketers, finding a niche and leverage the same becomes a tedious task.

Even if one finds a way out, the effect lasts for a short period and is soon crowded by other marketers all across the globe.

To combat this, companies now prefer to improve their rankings from multiple aspects. Each and every idea has its own set of rules, and to make significant advancements in promoting the websites, the best digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar suggest to leverage every other platform to get the best results.

Trend 7: Personalization – The Latest Marketing Tool

The success rate of 5% or 7% is good enough. Really?

Being a marketer, these numbers are not good enough, and hence we must be doing something wrong.

  • Are we targeting the right audience?
  • What changes can we make in the catalog?

.. and so on. However, optimization is not the issue here. It is personalization that comes into play.

For example, the world’s biggest e-commerce channel, Amazon, leverages the previous data and make sure to predict accurately when you need it. This is personalization, at best.

On similar accounts, movie streaming companies, online gaming companies, and every other major platform factor personalization as the key. The top digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar, advises companies to dig into data and develop systems that incorporate personal attributes to market in the age of digital marketing.

Keeping this simple trick in mind, one can get the maximum results one has ever seen.

Concluding Remarks

The digital marketing industry is competitive at the very least. Every other individual is a proficient digital marketer, and hence the companies fail to find the right hire. However, with the experts from the digital marketing company, Bhubaneswar, by your side, the rest is smooth sailing.

Are you looking for digital solutions for your marketing needs? Get the best tips and tricks from the expert who understand the industry inside out and watch the growth story as it unfolds.

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We Schedule a call at your convenience 


We do a discovery and consulting meting 


We prepare a proposal