Best SEO Practices to Help Rank Your New Brand

SEO company Bhubaneswar: Nowadays, Google answers almost all questions with a quick search. So, it should come as no surprise that website and business owners worldwide try their best to make their content searchable on Google. SEO is the process of optimizing your content to rank better in search results, and this is what it is.

Why does your brand need SEO?

Building a website on a platform that allows simple customization & content updates and offers the tools you need to optimize your site’s aspects is the first step in achieving superb SEO. We advise choosing a website builder, like one from an SEO company in Bhubaneswar, that allows for easy site upgrading and has integrated SEO capabilities.

With so many competitors in the market, you need to stand out from the rest. With proper SEO integration, you can help your brand rank at the top while introducing credibility. Hence, your brand needs the best team for SEO practices.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for your website, you’ll need to focus on numerous minute elements like metadata and linking that can boost your ranks. This article will go through how to practice those specifics and ensure they adhere to SEO requirements.

After going through the fundamentals of what constitutes SEO, we advise you to visit the best SEO company in Bhubaneswar for all SEO-related things, from basic to advanced.

What is SEO?

Optimizing websites for search engines’ organic (non-paid) results is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. One of the most important marketing tactics for every organization is this one.

Google tries to display the greatest information accessible because it wants to give its searchers a positive user experience. So, SEO campaigns should aim to ensure that search engines recognize your material as the best resource online for a given search query. These goals are achievable with the help of a top SEO company in Bhubaneswar.

How does SEO function?

Search engines use robots to crawl websites to find out what information is on them and what the web pages are about. To collect as much information as possible, the bots scan the barcode, grabbing any text, photos, videos, and other content on web pages. They add these sites to their index after gathering enough information about the type of material on each page and concluding that this information will be helpful to their searchers. The index is every web result a search engine may keep to present to a potential seeker.

Based on what users are seeking, search engines determine the best possible outcome. Whenever anyone searches, their system compares the user’s queries to the pertinent data in their index. This gives searchers an exact response to their questions. The sequence in which the material will show for each searcher is then decided by the platforms using hundreds of signals. SEO professionals from SEO company Bhubaneswar work to master these signals.

Remembering that Google withholds information about its algorithm or method is vital. Google makes it impossible to determine what elements affect indexing and ranks. In light of this, SEO isn’t a flawless science & even when it appears that all improvements are done for. It necessitates persistence and ongoing tweaking to see results.

How to apply SEO?

Making a fantastic website is the first step in applying SEO best practices. Ensure that the information on your website is presented properly, offers a fantastic user experience, and is easy to navigate. This guarantees you’re on the proper approach to giving searchers a fantastic response.

However, an excellent website is only one aspect of SEO. The following are some helpful actions you can do to begin working with an SEO company in Bhubaneswar:

1. Make an SEO strategy

It would help if you had a strategy in place before getting into the mechanics of search engine optimization, as it takes effort and consistency. To determine if your efforts were successful, align your SEO approach with your more general objectives. For instance, your SEO strategy can be different if you run an online store and want to use SEO to increase traffic and sales as opposed to a brick-and-mortar store that wants to increase foot traffic and brand awareness. Make sure to plan with these objectives in mind and to optimize your site.

Consider specifics like your site’s URL and more general considerations like if you’ll have a committed employee for SEO or if you intend to optimize your site on your own. Additionally, make sure to schedule when and how you’ll check the SEO success of your pages. Think about how you’ll monitor your rankings & what constitutes success.

Consider attempting one option and saving the others in a list for possible future usage if you’re unclear about the optimal course of action for different optimizations. Being patient is a must because SEO success takes time.


2. Research keywords

Doing keyword research is one of the most crucial steps in comprehending and using SEO. Finding the most pertinent words to use on your web pages involves conducting keyword research. You may learn how people worldwide often look for items related to your service or product by doing some research and using specialized keyword research tools.

By understanding the most popular search terms, keyword research aids in the construction of pages that are search engine optimized for those terms. The choice of words you use on your web pages can significantly impact how much exposure your site receives.

We advise developing several brand-related subjects to use as the foundation for your keyword research.

3. Increase page speed

Loading time or page speed is one of the elements that Google considers. A key component of user experience is how quickly your website loads. Before they even look at what your website has to offer, users will leave if it is too slow. You must therefore pay close attention to this & ensure that your website speed is optimized.

Three major categories of page speed, also known as the “core web vitals,” can be distinguished as follows:

  • First Input Delay (FID): The interval between clicking a URL and when visitors can engage with your site’s features. Or when a person can click on a link on your page.
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): The time it takes for a user to access the most important material on a webpage after clicking a URL.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): It determines how steady your website’s elements are when your page loads. When this number is low, it means that when your page loads, the components are in the positions, they will be in when it is fully loaded.
4. Create your meta-descriptions and title tags

The data you give Google to describe the contents of your webpage is referred to as metadata. Title tags & meta descriptions are significant components of metadata. Each search result is displayed with a headline & description that describe the type of material you may expect to find on the page. Giving Google this data will make it easier for both searchers & Google to comprehend the most crucial elements of your site.

Some of the finest SEO signals you can provide Google are your meta titles, title tags & meta descriptions. So, it would help if you made an effort to incorporate your most crucial keywords in your page title.

Additionally, SEO benefits exist for title tags & meta descriptions. Thanks to them, you have control over what text people view when they first arrive at your website. More hits to your website can result from including compelling material that responds to the searcher’s query. Google will rank you higher if they determine that your site is a good fit for users’ searches based on how many people visit it.

To be clear, Google does not guarantee that it will use the metadata you supply. Your headlines and descriptions are subject to change at their discretion. It appears that Google is shifting more and more in the direction of not using given title tags & meta descriptions in recent months. Besides, optimising the titles and descriptions, you create for your page is still important because they may appear on SERPs.

5. Add alt text

The brief description you provide for each image on your website is known as alt text. It is also known as alternative text. It is a significant SEO asset that is included in the HTML of your website. Website crawling bots may quickly analyze alt text to determine what an image includes.

Another crucial accessibility element is the alt text. It enables blind web users to fully understand your sites even when they can’t see them. Alt text can be read by programs that read the websites allowed to assist persons who cannot see images in understanding what they contain.

Your photographs are also more likely to show up on Google searches.  Google searches use images; thus, the stronger your alternative text, the more probable your picture will rank. Naturally, you are more likely to see an increase in traffic if your website receives exposure from both image and content rankings. Google considers websites with alt text to be more optimized overall. This may improve the way search engines see your website.

6. Create internal connections

Links are a crucial component of SEO. Links between pages aid Google in navigating your website and creating a network of connections among pages & their contents. This can aid in the classification of pages, but perhaps more crucially, it makes it possible for Google to index your pages more quickly.

Linking between pages or internal linking on your site is one of the greatest linking tactics. This is easy because you have power over every page and can quickly add links between them. Increased site authority is also aided by internal linking. You can tell Google that two pages on your website are significant by connecting from less popular to more popular pages.

For the user experience, internal connectivity is crucial. Your website will be easier to navigate, and your users will have no trouble finding what they’re looking for if you link pertinent pages to one another. So, internal linking can increase traffic between the pages of your website and draw attention to all your resources.

7. Improve external linking

Backlinks are connections to your website made by other websites. As it increases the reputation of your site, this is a crucial strategy by SEO company Bhubaneswar. When a significant website links to your material, Google is informed that your web pages are a reliable source of information. External links increase the visibility of your pages. It helps potential customers find them and learn more about your goods or services.

Genuine and natural external links do the best. This occurs when another platform discovers you and decides that the material on your website may enhance theirs. So that they can better serve their users or readers, they connect to your page. The value of the other site’s link increases with its authority or importance. There is no quick way to get real external links, but the ideal strategy is to work to produce high-quality material.

8. See if your website is mobile-friendly

Ensuring all users can access your site & have a great browsing experience is another crucial component of SEO. Over 50% of all business in today’s globe originates from mobile devices. That implies that ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is well worth your time.

In addition to helping your business and ensuring that mobile users can access your website, this is crucial for Google. A phone version of your website will be generated for you when you create it with the best SEO company in Bhubaneswar. You can access this version by clicking the mobile symbol in the editor. We advise checking this digital version to ensure everything is how you expected it to be and that it is easy to navigate. Pay attention to mobile navigation in particular, and ensure your site’s menu & buttons are obvious.

9. Analyze outcomes

You must check the effectiveness of your pages and make adjustments as necessary because SEO is a dynamic process. To gauge the immediate effect of your optimization, you may verify your page ranks and performance using SEO tools from the top SEO company in Bhubaneswar. These tools can assist you in determining whether your site’s rankings have improved and identify the keywords for which your site is performing well. You can consider all the preceding points on this list & adjust your content if you’re dissatisfied with your ranks or traffic.


Any organization should focus on SEO. It can aid in the expansion of your company’s website and increase its exposure to the intended markets. It is the most efficient and cheap method of advertising your company online. Select the best SEO company in Bhubaneswar to assist you in creating the most successful SEO plan.

Finding the right team for your brand’s SEO needs can be difficult. If you’re looking for an SEO company in Bhubaneswar, Technovate is your one-stop-shop. We offer specialized services that can help your company achieve its objectives. Reach us via mail at You can also give us a call at 9658740146

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